Dialog boxes!

Since version 1.1.6 the “nwcommands” are almost completely supported by dialog boxes, that means you can click your way through. Very easy. After the installation you will have a new “Network Analysis” menu under “User”.

When you have an older version update and install them in this way.

. adoupdate

. nwinstall, all


When you are a new user. Just install the package “nwcommands-ado” (through . findit nwcommands) and then type:

. nwinstall, all







I just gave the first “nwcommands” workshop at the Institute for Analytical Sociology at Linkoping University in Sweden. Check out the workshop slides and the commented workshop syntax file.

This year I will give this workshop a few more times. The next one will be at the XXXV Sunbelt conference in Brighton.  Check it out here.

After that, I will give the workshop in Stockholm in August and in Florence in November. Send me an email (thomas.u.grund@gmail.com) if you wish to know more about this.



Tutorial 2: Import networks

The “nwcommands” can import networks saved in other file formats. Here is a little video that shows how to import Pajek NET and Ucinet DL files. But you can also import networks saved in GraphML, GML or raw matrices (e. saved in Excel) and raw adjacency lists (see help nwimport). There is also another command that makes a network out of an edgelist that is already in Stata (see help nwfromedge). Have fun importing your networks.