Below is a an alphabetical list of all nwcommands:

  • _extract_valuelables extract value labels
  • _nwevalnetexp evaluates a network expression(length if complex)
  • _nwsyntax checks network syntax
  • _nwsyntax_other checks other network syntax
  • _opt_oneof small utility program for options
  • animate produces animated-gifs
  • netexample list of all example networks
  • netlist concept similar to varlist
  • netname concept similar to varname
  • nwaddnodes adds nodes to a network
  • nwassortmix produces a homophily network
  • nwclear clearls all networks; similar to clear
  • nwcloseness calculates closeness centrality
  • nwcomponents calculates number and component memberships
  • nwcompressobs compresses observations
  • nwcontext derives attribute values from network neighbors
  • nwcorrelate correlates two networks or network and attribute
  • nwcurrent gives information about the current network
  • nwdegree calculates degree centrality
  • nwdrop drops a network; similar to drop
  • nwdropnodes drops nodes from a network
  • nwdyadprob generates network based on tie probabilities
  • nwdyads calculates dyad census
  • nwergm runs exponentional random graph model
  • nwevcent calculates eigenvector centrality
  • nwexpand expands attribute as a network
  • nwexport exports network to pajek
  • nwfromedge generates network from edgelist
  • nwgenerate generates network; similar to generate
  • nwgeodesic calculates geodesic distances
  • nwimport imports network from other file-formats
  • nwinfo displays some network information
  • nwkeep keeps certain networks
  • nwkeepnodes keep certain nodes of a network
  • nwload loads a network as Stata variables
  • nwmovie makes movie out of network sequence
  • nwname basic network information
  • nwneighbor derives list of network neighbors
  • nwpermute makes network permutation
  • nwplot plots a network
  • nwqap network quadratic assignment procedure
  • nwrandom generates random network
  • nwreach calculates reach of a network
  • nwrecode recodes tie values; similar to recode
  • nwrename renames a network
  • nwreplace replaces tie values of a network; similar to replace
  • nwreplacemat replaces tie values of a network with a Mata matrix
  • nwsave saves network dataset
  • nwset sets a network; similar to e.g. stset
  • nwsummary some summary information
  • nwsym symmetrizes a network
  • nwsync syncs a network with Stata variables
  • nwtable two-way tabulate of two networks or network and attribute
  • nwtabulate one-way tabulates tie values of a network
  • nwtoedge generates edgelist
  • nwtomata obtains Mata matrix of network
  • nwtranspose transposes a network
  • nwtriads calculates triad census of network
  • nwuse uses network dataset
  • nwvalidate validates a network name
  • nwvalidvars validats Stata variables of a network
  • nwvalue returns single tie value
  • scheme-s1network network scheme1
  • scheme-s2network network scheme2
  • scheme-s3network network scheme3

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